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(Organizers of the ASC Conference)

Foundation Mission Statement/Vision

The mission of the ASC is to promote exploration, learning and the exchange of scientific and technical ideas, breakthroughs and accomplishments, and to provide an array of educational and interactive forums and events. The ASC engages this vision on a variety of fronts, including the Applied Superconductivity Conference (the flagship, international conference on applied superconductivity), ELEVATE (our new integrated thrust to promote educational opportunities, professional & leadership development, and outreach between our scientific community and society) and the ASC Educational Foundation (the non-profit organization that underpins all the ASC efforts).

ASC'22 Conference Chair's Statement

The Applied Superconductivity Conference (ASC) for over 50 years has created the premier international conference on applied superconductivity in the electronics, large scale, and materials fields for the engagement of learning and the exchange of science through the presentation of original papers, posters, seminars, forums and plenary lectures. Our conference will continue to partner with the IEEE Council on Superconductivity to allow submission of conference manuscripts to a special issue of the IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, a peer-reviewed and fully indexed and searchable publication available through IEEE Xplore.

Aloha to ASC 2022 in Hawaii! On behalf of our organizing team, we are excited to invite you to join us at the Honolulu Convention Center for the 2022 ASC Conference, to be held October 23 – 28, 2022. Honolulu promises to be a special venue for our conference with a healthy food budget, ongoing planning for robust and exciting technical and ELVATE programs, and an overabundance of restaurants loaded with tasty international food, welcoming hotels and housing opportunities, and sights to explore.

Arthur Lichtenberger

ASC'22 Program Chair's Welcome

Our program committee is working to create an exciting and vibrant program with breaking plenaries, special sessions (including the 11th Transition-Edge Session (TES) Workshop, successfully held as part of the ASC since 2008), roundtable discussions  and engaging talks and posters. We invite and welcome your input for plenary speakers and special sessions.

The Honolulu Convention Center in Hawaii is a spectacular event destination, open to the sky with multi-story height space filled with lush plants and trees,  terraces and lanais, and graced with courtyards, waterfalls and fishponds to create a unique  backdrop for our conference. This luminous structure combines state-of-the-art technology with authentic island ambiance to provide an aloha and inspiring conference experience. See you there in the fall of 2022!

– Sam Benz

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Important Dates

01/31/2022 Abstract Submission Opens
03/23/2022 Abstract Submission Deadline
03/23/2022 Student Paper Contest – Extended Abstracts due
03/23/2022 Board Nominations Due
04/22/2022- 04/24/2022 Program Committee Meeting
05/25/2022 Emailed Notification of Abstract Acceptance

ASC’22 ELEVATE Chair’s Welcome

Our ELEVATE committee members are working diligently to develop a range of professional and leadership development activities in conjunction with ASC 2022. Our mission is aimed at serving all members of our applied superconductivity community and is focused on involvement, networking, enrichment, and representation. ELEVATE’s strength lies in the active participation from all of us to create and shape the program. We invite you to reach out to share your vision and ideas on additional exercises that support the mission of the ELEVATE program.

We are looking forward to sharing our progress with you in the near future and toward connecting with you at ASC’22 in Honolulu.

– Sasha Ishmael

Learn more about ELEVATE with this 2020 video and why we decided to initiate this exciting program!


To address the evolving goals of ASC as an educational foundation, we have launched the ELEVATE program. It is being designed to promote educational opportunities, professional & leadership development, and outreach between our scientific community and society. It is a program that all members of the applied superconductivity community may leverage to their professional advantage.

ELEVATE supports the Foundation’s core mission by providing opportunities for professional and leadership development through four fundamental pillars that are focused on involvement, networking, enrichment, and representation. The program aims at providing the mechanism through which people connect, build career pathways and accelerate technological growth. Overall, the program strives to “elevate” the participant’s conference experience by offering these opportunities for building robust skill sets which the science and engineering of superconductivity demands.

The program is at an early stage in its development. It is expected to evolve throughout time and to secure and fulfill the most relevant needs of members of the community. ELEVATE’s strength lies in the active participation of members of the community to create and shape the program. We welcome your input and invite you to join ELEVATE committee members on this mission.

Sponsorship Welcome

We look forward to a vibrant ASC’22 conference in tropical Honolulu with more meaningful and varied opportunities for sponsorship and advertising than ever before.  Your engagement helps promote your company, university, institution or group while enabling us to offer high-quality sessions and events, as well as professional development and outreach through our ELEVATE program. Feel free to reach out now if you have a particular sponsorship interest you would like to explore!

– Satoshi Awaji, Cathy Foley & Matt Jewell

Exhibit Welcome

Thank you for your interest in this year’s ASC conference and exhibit. ASC is the unrivaled global event for those involved in superconductivity. After a virtual ASC20 conference, we all look forward to meaningful face-to-face exhibitor  interactions in 2022. Our technical exhibit will provide your organization with an outstanding opportunity to display your products and services to the largest gathering of individuals within the superconductivity community from across the globe. We expect an attendance of more than 1700 of the top scientists and engineers involved in research and development on applied superconductivity along with the top decision makers, government agencies and entrepreneurs. Together, we will navigate challenges, create partnerships, and collaborate to create a better tomorrow. We are expecting a large number of industry specific companies consisting of product manufacturers and service providers concerned with the field of superconductivity as well as other related areas. The Exhibition will be held in the spectacular Honolulu Convention Center filled with lush plants and trees, courtyards, waterfalls, in the beautiful over 115,000 sq-ft  Kamehameha exhibition space.

– Austin Capers

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