Conference Program Details

Session ID’s, Decoding Your Presentation ID

The first three characters of the presentation ID represents Week 1 (Wk2) or Week 2 (Wk2) of the Conference. The fourth character (E, L, M) denotes the conference area (Electronics, Large Scale, Materials). Or or Po refer to an Oral or Poster session respectively. 1, 2 or 3 represent the day of the Conference (Tuesday [1] thru Friday [4]). The eight character (A, B, C, etc.) represents the concurrent session for the specific day. The final digits denote the order within the session. Examples for Week 1 Oral presentation ID’s are Wk1EOr1A-01, Wk1LOr2A-01, Wk1MOr3A-01. Examples for Week 2 Oral presentation ID’s are Wk2EOr1A-01, Wk2LOr2A-01, Wk2MOr3A-01.

Oral Live Discussion & Poster Live Chat Times

Week 1: All times are listed in US Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
Week 2:
All times are listed in US Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday, November 1, 2020

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Attention: The program detail will be available through October 21, 2020.  As of October 22, all registered ASC 2020 attendees may access the program detail (agenda) via the Whova platform which will include authors uploaded presentation files.

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