The Jan Evetts SUST Award 2018

The Jan Evetts SUST Award recognises excellent work published in Superconductivity Science and Technology by early career researchers. The annual competition is open to all researchers working in superconductivity who have completed a maximum of 10 years of active research since receiving their PhD. The award is named in fond memory of our founding Editor, Professor Jan Evetts. In addition to building a strong foundation for our community journal, Jan made an outstanding series of contributions to the science of superconductivity and to the understanding of superconducting materials, and was an indefatigable champion of the development of applications of superconductivity.

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   1st place: Charlie Sanabria, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
   2nd place: Thomas Baumgartner, TU Wien, Austria
   3rd place: Guanmei Wang, Durham University, UK