ASC 2020: Bringing Horizons into Clear View

Chairman’s Welcome

On behalf of the entire organizing team, I’m honored to invite you to join us at the Tampa Convention Center for the 2020 Applied Superconductivity Conference, June 28 – July 3, 2020. ASC is the foremost gathering point for the electronics, large scale, and materials fields within the applied superconductivity community. We expect program content to include original work in digital electronics, quantum information, astronomy, accelerators, fusion, energy, transportation, medicine, conductors, and properties and testing. The 2020 theme, “Bringing Horizons into Clear View,” acknowledges the excitement of superconductivity and the predictions made in the past, the long journey many applications have taken to come to fruition, and the promising opportunities yet to come.

We are proud to welcome you to Tampa, a vibrant urban city with a rich history dating back to early settlement of North America. Whether you sample a hand-made cigar from Ybor City, walk the finest beaches in Clearwater, view the Dali museum in St. Petersburg, or enjoy countless local breweries and the “world’s largest” wine cellar of Burns, we hope you will find time to enjoy the city and region. Read more. 

  January 20, 2020   Board Nominations Due
  January 24, 2020   IEEE Awards Nominations Due
  February 17, 2020   Emailed Notification of Abstract Acceptance
  March 16, 2020   Exhibit Registrations Due
  March 31, 2020   Jan Evetts SUST Award Submission Deadline
  May 8, 2020   Cryogenic Society of America Roger W. Boom Award Nominations Due