Please join us for the ASC 2020 Virtual Conference October 24 – November 7, 2020

Chair’s Update
Over the past 2 months since the virtual ASC 2020 was broadly announced, we have been working to secure a virtual conference platform that provides a first-rate conference experience while keeping the cost to attend the virtual meeting to a reasonable level. We are pleased to work with Whova for Plenary and Oral presentations as well as overall meeting scheduling, and iPosterSessions to provide a unique and highly interactive Poster and Exhibition platform. Read more. 

The Applied Superconductivity Conference is excited to offer more professional development opportunities than ever before through our ELEVATE Program. ELEVATE is being designed to provide a diverse array of educational and interactive events for students, recent graduates and professionals transitioning into new roles in their career. Overall, the program strives to “elevate” the participants’ conference experience by providing opportunities for building robust skill sets which the science and engineering of superconductivity demands. Click here to learn more about ELEVATE and why we decided to initiate this exciting program!


ASC Conference Partners