ASC 2018 Exhibitors


Exhibitors are listed in alphabetical order and are not available for outside solicitations.

Advanced Conductor Technologies LLCBooth 44

Advanced Research SystemsBooth 30


American Magnetics


attocube systems Inc

Beijing Eastforce Superconducting Technology Co., Ltd.

Bruker ESTBooth 24


Creare LLCBooth 46

Cryofab, Inc. – Booth 40

Cryogenic Control Systems, Inc.

Cryomagnetics, Inc

Cryomech, Inc. – Booths 33 & 36

Energy to Power Solutions

Entropy GmbH

Everson Tesla Inc.Booth 31

Fujikura Ltd.Booth 32

General Atomics

GMW AssociatesBooth 28

High Precision Devices, Inc.Booths 42 & 43

Hyper Tech


Innova Superconductor Technologies Co., Ltd.

International Cryogenics, Inc.

IOP Publishing

Janis Research Company, LLCBooth 38

Lake Shore Cryotronics

Luvata Special ProductsBooth 39

New England Wire TechnologiesBooth 27

Oxford Instruments NanoScienceBooth 45

Photon Spot, Inc.

Quantum Design, Inc.

RUAG Space Gmbh

Scientific Instruments – Booth 37

Shanghai Superconductor Technology Co., LtdBooth 25

STAR Cryoelectronics LLCBooth 26

Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America, Inc.

Sumitomo Electric Industries

Sunpower Inc. – Booth 41

Supercon, Inc.Booth 29


SuperPower Inc/Furukawa ElectricBooths 34 & 35

THEVA Dünnschichttechnik GmbHBooth 23

Western Superconducting Technologies Co., Ltd.