Plenary Speakers

ASC 2018 is happy to announce that the following plenary speakers have been confirmed:

Dr. Tabea Arndt
Siemens AG – Corporate Technology
HTS as Enabling Technology for Sustainable Mobility and Energy Efficiency

Prof. Barry Barish
California Institute of Technology, 2017 Nobel Laureate
(Tentative) Superconducting RF Cavities for the International Linear Collider (ILC) and for Future Large Physics and Astrophysics Projects

Dr. Peter Lee
The Applied Superconductivity Center at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Microscopy and Metallography of Superconducting Materials

Prof. Robert J. Schoelkopf
Yale University, Department of Applied Physics
(Tentative) Quantum Computing: development status and perspective

Prof. Yannis Semertzidis
IBS Center for Axion and Precision Physics Research
Applications of Superconductivity in the Detection of Axions

Prof. Rainer Weiss
Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 2017 Nobel Laureate
The LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Search for Gravitational Waves