Chairman’s Welcome


Race to Energy Efficiency

Welcome to the Applied Superconductivity Conference, ASC 2014, to be held 10 – 15 August 2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Energy Efficiency is a worldwide imperative driven by an increasing awareness of the need to conserve valuable natural resources. Superconductivity, the technology which revolutionized non-invasive medical imaging through MRI starting in the 1980’s, is one of the most promising enablers of energy efficiency in the 21st century. From energy efficient supercomputers to power generation, transmission, and storage, the spectrum of applications of superconductivity is broad in its reach and potential. As ASC comes to Charlotte, site of the hall of fame of NASCAR, our theme, “Race to Energy Efficiency,” is intended to inspire the world experts in superconductivity who will converge to Charlotte to present their latest results, exchange information, network, and plan and project the future breakthroughs.

Charlotte is also the home of Duke Energy, one of the most prominent, efficiency-conscious, and successful utility companies in the world. During the five days of ASC, leaders in the university, commercial, government, business, military, and industrial communities from around the world will discuss progress and challenges in the various subfields of applied superconductivity. The exhibit is an important feature of the conference where manufacturers and suppliers of superconductor-based and cryogenic systems are joined by suppliers of materials, publications, and important services which define the spectrum of a fully integrated industry.

Charlotte is in the heart of the South of the United States and offers the attendees and their companions ample opportunities for activities, relaxation, tourism, and overall enjoyment. From whitewater rafting to the scenic Blue Ridge parkway and the breathtaking vistas of the Appalachian Mountains, there is something to please every taste.

On behalf of the ASC Board of Directors, of our dedicated volunteers of the program and editorial committees who will ensure world class quality of the conference and its associated publication, I look forward to welcoming you to Charlotte, NC in August, 2014.

Elie K. Track
Chair, ASC 2014