SuperOx was established in 2006 as a company to develop the technology of textured thin films of high temperature superconductors on metal tapes: HTS 2G tapes. These materials possess a huge potential for applications in various fields. They can be used to make high power transmission cables, very quick fault current limiters, transformers, rotating machines, electrical energy storage systems, etc. High temperature superconducting equipment provides outstanding power/mass characteristics, is more compact and efficient than a traditional one.

 The characteristics of the SuperOx HTS wire with Ic over 250 А per cm width at 77K are sufficient for majority of potential applications. To improve current-carrying capacity in high magnetic field, nano-particles can be added to the HTS layer. We are completely open for customization of our HTS wire according to customers’ request. The thickness of stabilizing metal layers can be varied, polyimide insulation can be applied, various needs of customer concerning critical current value and its uniformity along the length can be met. SuperOx will help you to develop exactly the HTS wire that you need for your application.

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