STAR Cryoelectronics

Since 1999 STAR Cryoelectronics has been a leading supplier of advanced LTS and HTS dc SQUID sensors and mating cryocables, PC-based SQUID readout electronics, TES microcalorimeter and STJ detectors, and two-stage SQUID amplifier readouts for cryogenic detectors. The company offers extensive custom LTS and HTS thin-film design and foundry services for a wide range of superconducting electronics applications. STAR Cryoelectronics also offers turn-key, cryogen-free ADR cryostats with cooling to 50 mK, TES microcalorimeter spectrometers for X-ray microanalysis, STJ spectrometers for synchrotron science applications, and the popular Mr. SQUID® Educational Demonstration System.

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