The superconducting joining of the HTS coated conductor (CC) ends is essential between CC double pancake magnet coils for interconnecting and lengthening. An ideal joint requires perfect continuity and uniformity (physical, chemical, and mechanical) throughout the CC-joint-CC connection, while satisfying metallurgical capacity without formation of deleterious constituents, achieving mechanical soundness without any flaws, as well as the ability to perform under varying conditions, including closed-loop persistent current mode of operation. However, superconducting joints for HTS CCs have not been succeeded. KJOINS is now a leading provider for superconducting joining of the HTS CCs and is fully integrated to provide you the best joining and technical solutions so you can rely on KJOINS. KJOINS has 19 granted and pending patents world-wide and is developing 3 ISO standards for superconducting joining of HTS CCs. KJOINS is at your service. Feel the master’s touch!

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