Hyper Tech Research, Inc.

Hyper Tech is a leading manufacturer of MgB2 and Nb3Sn superconductor wires.  Our high current density MgB2 wires can operate in magnetic fields from 0-6T, at temperatures from 4-30K and is available in lengths from 1-10 km.  Our fine filament Nb3Sn wires have high engineering current densities that can be used in fields up to 20T and with small effective filament diameters to provide stability at low fields.   We have experience using MgB2, Nb3Sn, BSCCO, and YBCO for superconducting coils.  We also design devices such as MRIs, fault current limiters, motors, wind generators, SMES, and other DC and AC applications.

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Website: www.hypertechresearch.com